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National Museum of Mauritania museum of modern african art National Museum of Mauritania museum of modern african art

National Museum of Mauritania

National Museum of Mauritania: An Excursion into Millennia of Cultural Heritage

Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Mauritanian history at the National Museum of Mauritania, also known as the National Museum of Nouakchott. Nestled in the heart of Nouakchott, Mauritania's bustling capital, the museum is conveniently located near a multitude of landmarks, including the Hotel Mercure Marhaba to the southeast, Hotel de Ville to the east, Parc Deydouh to the southwest, and the stunning Mosque Ould Abas to the west.

Built forty years ago with the aid of Chinese cooperation, the building that houses the National Museum also accommodates the Mauritanian Institute of Scientific Research, the Mauritanian Manuscripts Conservation Center, and the National Library.

The museum is renowned for its impressive archaeological and ethnographic collections. Visitors are welcomed into two galleries brimming with a rich assortment of sherds, arrowheads, and traditional local costumes. But the museum offers more than just display cases; it provides a deeply immersive journey into the lives of the people who have inhabited the region for thousands of years. Miniatures, everyday objects, tools, and photographs from excavation sites combine to create a vivid tableau of the region's past.

The museum's collections hark back to some of the most influential periods in Mauritanian history. Artefacts from the excavations at Koumbi Saleh, the former capital of the Ghana Empire, Aoudaghost, a significant trading post on the caravan route for over five centuries, and Azougui, the erstwhile capital of the Almoravids, are on display. Some items were fortuitously discovered by Mauritanians and donated to the museum, demonstrating their profound respect for their heritage.

Upon entering through the main door, visitors are greeted with a modern learning environment. The museum caters to all members of the local community and visitors of all types - from children and families to researchers and specialists. It also serves a vital educational and cultural mission, fostering an appreciation for art through its collection of paintings.

The National Museum of Mauritania is more than just a repository of artefacts; it's a doorway into the country's past and a testament to the rich heritage of the Mauritanian people. It offers a chance to connect with history in a meaningful way and understand the forces that shaped this fascinating region.

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