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Art Appraisal for Estate Planning
Art Appraisal for Estate Planning
Reading Time: 7 minutes Art appraisal is essential for estate planning, ensuring accurate valuation and fair distribution of your art collection. Professional appraisals protect your investment by providing reliable market values, crucial for insurance and tax purposes. Accurate art valuations prevent disputes among heirs and optimize financial outcomes. Leveraging local appraisal services, like those offered by MoMAA Art Appraisal, ensures your collection is well-managed and preserved for future generations. Secure your legacy with professional art appraisals, protecting and enhancing the value of your treasured artworks.
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Art Appraisals for Investment Protection
Art Appraisals for Investment Protection
Reading Time: 5 minutes Protect your art investment with professional appraisals. Get accurate valuations and secure your collection’s future today! Momaa.org
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Investec Cape Town Art Fair
Mastering Art Investment in African Markets
Reading Time: < 1 minute In the ever-evolving world of alternative investments, contemporary African art emerges as a beacon of opportunity, promising both cultural enrichment and financial returns. As seasoned collectors and novice investors alike turn their gaze towards the vibrant canvases and innovative sculptures emerging from the continent, a new chapter in art investment unfolds. This isn't merely a trend; it's a renaissance, a reawakening to the immense value and potential locked within Africa's diverse artistic expressions. From Lagos to Johannesburg, from Accra to Nairobi, artists are creating works that not only captivate the eye but also capture the imagination of savvy investors worldwide. As we delve into the intricacies of this burgeoning market, one thing becomes clear: the time to invest in African art is now, lest you miss out on what could be the most exciting art investment opportunity of the 21st century.
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MoMAA – African Modern Art Gallery & Lifestyle

Stepping into the world of the African Modern Artist, one experiences an artful blend of eloquence, cultural savoir-faire, and an enviable cache of worldly experiences. Like a maestro wielding a baton, the artist conducts a symphony of narratives on the canvas of Contemporary African Art, touching upon the poignant themes of our time – from the planet’s pressing environmental concerns to the rise of women’s empowerment and the emotive tales of global diaspora.

The Artistry

Imagine, if you will, the artist at work – their hands deftly moving across various artistic mediums, each stroke, click or adjustment bringing to life their unique vision of Africa. The result? A delightful assortment of immersive installations, evocative paintings, thought-provoking sculptures, striking photography, and compelling film that tell the African story in ways words often fail to capture.

The Market Trends

The art market, much like the whimsical world of fashion, follows its own trend lines. Of late, it seems to have developed a penchant for diversity and the novel narratives offered by Contemporary African Art. Even the venerable auction house, Sotheby’s, has been swept up in this tide, now dedicating an annual auction to this vibrant art form. This has not only given rise to a competitive market but also made affordable art a reality for many an enthusiast.

MoMAA | African Modern Affordable Art Gallery

MoMAA’s Role

Amidst this global art bazaar, MoMAA stands as a lighthouse guiding those navigating the exhilarating yet often perplexing world of art. Whether you find yourself musing over a potential acquisition, contemplating commissioning a special piece, or merely exploring the realm of affordable art, MoMAA is your steadfast companion on this voyage of discovery.

Our Services


The Artworks section at MoMAA is akin to a meticulously curated art exhibition, boasting a vibrant collection of works from Emerging African Artists. Here, every style and technique is celebrated, inviting you to dive headfirst into the world of affordable art.


The MoMAA Journal is your personal gazette to the art world. It offers a wealth of knowledge, from profiles of artists and market trends to erudite discussions on individual pieces. Consider it your personal guide to the art scene.

Valuate Artwork

Pondering over the potential value of an artwork you possess? Our Artwork Valuation service offers a fair and informed appraisal, setting a realistic expectation in the market.

Sell Art

If you have a piece of Modern African Art to sell, MoMAA is your perfect conduit to reach out to a network of art enthusiasts and collectors, ensuring your work gets the attention it deserves.


Picture, if you will, a grand tour of the African continent, each step taking you deeper into the rich tapestry of its artistic heritage. The Discover section at MoMAA serves as your personal guide on this extraordinary journey, an exquisite directory of African museums that stands ready to be explored.

Each museum, much like a chapter in a gripping novel, unfolds a unique story of the continent’s art, encapsulating the essence of the region it hails from. As you meander through this curated catalogue, you’ll stumble upon pieces of affordable art that not only captivate the eye but also stir the soul.

The Discover section is more than a mere directory; it is an open invitation from MoMAA to embark on a voyage of artistic discovery. To traverse the expanse of the African artistic landscape from the comfort of your own home, to appreciate the diverse expressions of its artists, and to ultimately unearth that one resonating piece that seems as though it was crafted just for you.

With MoMAA as your steadfast companion, you are not just exploring; you are connecting, learning, and immersing yourself in the vibrant world of African art. So come, let us traverse this colourful path together, and discover the hidden gems that lie within the heart of Africa’s artistic heritage.

MoMAA is more than a gallery – it is a lifestyle. A space that inspires exploration, cultivates appreciation, and simplifies the acquisition of affordable art. Join us as we celebrate the dynamic and diverse world of contemporary African Art.

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Esther Mahlangu and Ndebele Art

MoMAA | African Modern Affordable Art Gallery

MoMAA | African Modern Art Gallery & Lifestyle
Donald Wasswa -The Battleline Between Good and Evil Runs Through the Heart-of Every Man - 2017 © Circle Art Gallery


Bold and Beautiful: African Art Meets High Fashion | Thebe Magugu © Aart Verrips
MoMAA | African Modern Affordable Art Gallery
MoMAA | African Modern Affordable Art Gallery
MoMAA | African Modern Affordable Art Gallery
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