BREAKING! Interview Goran Pin & NFT African Art

Goran Pin is 27 years experienced graphic designer that transforms his expression into NFT art. He is from Croatia. He is known as The Portraitist and uses portraits as artistic expression only. He has considered one of the most collectible crypto artists globally as most of his NFT art collections contain 1st ever portraits of persons minted on the blockchain.

M: Tell us more about you.
G.P: As young, I go from Croatia to live and work in Germany; then, I decide to back after 4 years and focus on my own IT carrier. I was do all types of IT projects from graphics, animations, software development, and games for other clients. I am ambitious but never have enough time or chance to do my own IT projects perfectly. When crypto art technology starts to rise, I can focus on expressing my talent into a decentralized art project. From a personal side, I am a sailor. I own a sailboat and cruise around whenever I can. I start to feel that this freedom I like in sailing starts fusing with my crypto artwork, and I have to tell you I have nothing against it.

M: Explain to the public what you do actually and how the Museum of Modern African Art Gallery (MoMAA) and you get in touch?
G.P: My crypto art is pretty collectible, but I am intentionally don’t push on the sale side at all. On one side, we can see that NFT art ‘ shakes the world of art,’ and on another side, that is still all in the beginning. I feel like a pioneer. My focus with King and Queens Collection is to show my work through traditional art galleries to people first. And after that use the digital side and put my artwork to online auctions. It’s not an easy task because many galleries have fears of NFTs, have not complete understanding, disrespect NFT art, or are too new for them. However, I am communicating with many art galleries, and I will publish my NFT art in physical traditional art galleries. The main focus is countries where my Kings and Queens Collection have these royal family members. That’s my actual main focus. Introduce and connect NFT art with traditional art galleries and show that NFT art is art.
And there we met… during my communication with galleries in Africa we get in touch. From a pure African perspective, my Kings and Queens Collection have 2 African kings: King Letsie III and King Mswati III. We are quickly finding a common language, and MoMAA decides that these 2 king portraits go as leading portraits in the exhibition and the rest of Kings and Queens Collection portraits we put behind these.
So my NFT artwork, if you look from that angle, is modern African art too.

As we know MoMAA is committed to exhibit physical art items and deliver artwork with a high-quality quality level of packaging to international clients worldwide. This is the first MoMAA’s crypto art exhibition, and we are both proud that we are pioneers in connecting traditional with crypto art! In this case, no physical object will change hands, and the NFT art exists exclusively in digital form, with the blockchain acting as a public ledger to verify their ownership status.

M: Why did you decide to start the first art exhibition in Africa?
G.P: I am communicating with art galleries in 27 countries to show my Kings and Queens Collection to people through them. As we all know, Africa is often nicknamed the “Mother Continent” due to its being the oldest inhabited continent on Earth. I work 10+ hours daily actually to do preparations of all that. During all this work, MoMAA pop-ups little more shine and fast, and through my head go “Mother Continent” appreciation vision. So, I start with the first Kings and Queens Collection on the place where all begins in this last actual civilization, in Africa. I can’t ask better.

M: Your crypto artwork looks pretty severe. It’s nice to see it all. Have you any funny story for the end of the interview, maybe?
G.P: Ha, yes can say one that happens last week. As most of all portraits from the Kings And Queens Collection contain literally 1st ever published portraits of royal families, I am connected with some of them as they are interested in owning these NFT portraits. Fun was when one of the royal family members noted in a half-joke: “Portrait looks great, but the skin of my color did not look so human at all :-).”
Sure I understand it as a joke, but I explain anyway that it’s one of my main “signatures” in my crypto art portrait work. Regular skin colors don’t exist in my portraits! I don’t look that at all. So you can see people with green, blue, red, orange, purple, pink, and any other skin colors. I put an accent to play with colors on the portrait that are historically connected to that person.

M: And you, are you ready to discover The Portraitist NFT work?
G.P: If yes, MoMAA, as a leading African contemporary art network, can help you.

Discover NFT African Kings on Blockchain – King Mswati III and King Letsie III.

Interview Goran Pin & NFT African Art

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