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Zoma Museum Addis AbabaZoma Museum Addis Ababa
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Zoma Museum Addis Ababa

Zoma Museum Addis Ababa is a dream inspired 25 years ago by the timeless and structurally sound vernacular architecture of Ethiopia and other parts of the world. It is named after Zoma Shiferraw, a young artist who died of cancer in 1979.

THE MISSION of  Zoma Museum of African Art is centered around learning and bring into the present construction techniques that have withstood time and weathering while maintaining their grace and beauty. This African Art museum’s aim is to showcase innovative and cutting-edge art and architecture in a vernacular museum where the old and the new merge.

ZOMA Museum is an environmentally conscious art institution in Addis Ababa. The mission is to act as a bridge between artists and architects from around the world to create cutting-edge ecological art and architecture. In this context, Zoma Museum of African Art is built using ancient yet still existing construction techniques. The building materials include mud, straw, stone, wood, and cement. .

The activities of Zoma Museum of African Art includes a gallery, library, children center, edible garden, elementary school, art and vernacular school, amphitheatre and a museum shop.

In March 2019 the Zoma Museum of African Art opened in Addis Abeba. It’s not only a space to exhibit African art and architecture, it also comes with a big garden where city dwellers can reconnect with nature.

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