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What is Modern African Art?

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MoMAA & Modern African Art

Modern African Art or Contemporary African art has a synonymous association with art made by African Contemporary Artists in Africa and the African diaspora in the post-independence era. What exactly is “Modern African Art” or “Contemporary African Art”?, what makes a work of art “African”? Most of these definitions are defined by Western Art scholars and Art curators. It is not till the 1990’s that Africans have taken the responsibility of defining and writing their own story. African Art curator, writer and critic Okwui Enwezor played a role. The definition of Contemporary African Art or Modern African Art still triggers heated debates and controversies to this day for this definition can not be generalized by the simple fact that Africa is a massive continent with Art movements scattered across multiple ethnic groupings each fueling its own artistic identity.

What is the Definition of an African?

Most dictionaries today define an African as “Relating to Africa or its people, customs, or languages”.  An African Modern Artist or an African Contemporary artist would from this definition mean A modern artist related to Africa. MoMAA will attempt to elaborate on this definition to include, all indigenous Artist who live in Africa and produce their art works on African soil, Africans born in Africa who live and produce Art works outside the continent of Africa, Africans not born in Africa but have an African heritage for example Jean-Michel Basquait who was born in America of Haitian heritage, white Africans Artists who make up the most notable names in contemporary African Art include names like: William Kentridge, Irma Stern, Marlene Dumas.

In selecting Artists we consider icons of Contemporary Art, MoMAA looked at the contributions these African Contemporary Artists have made to the Aesthetic and Cultural history of African Art to include their role in cementing African Contemporary Art on the international stage as we know it today. View MoMAA Contemporary African Art Icons

MoMAA Mission

MoMAA | Museum of Modern African  Art Gallery & Lifestyle – offers a selection of Art works with an emphasis on Emerging African Artists. We offer these Contemporary African Art works to our clients to include negotiated pricing, delivery, storage and installation if requested.

MoMAA Services

MoMAA | Museum of Modern African  Art Gallery & Lifestyle offers services to emerging & established African contemporary Artists and Art galleries to include Art Fair and Pop up exhibitions, Curation and Consulting Services, Target marketing to our clients based on their needs.

momaa museum of modern african art live chat

The African Story

Until the Story of the hunt is told by the Lion, the tale of the hunt will always glorify the hunter. – African Proverb

Photo Credit:  ©CRistina Schek of Limpopo Artist Giggs Kgole

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