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Modern African Art: A Voyage of Discovery with MoMAA

Unveiling the Essence of Modern African Art

The term Modern African Art or Contemporary African Art is often used to encapsulate the works crafted by African Contemporary Artists in Africa and its diaspora in the post-independence era. But what truly defines a piece of art as “African”?

Historically, these definitions were shaped by Western Art scholars and curators. However, since the 1990s, Africans have begun to narrate their own artistic story, with prominent figures like art curator, writer and critic Okwui Enwezor playing a pivotal role. The definition of Contemporary African Art or Modern African Art continues to evoke lively debates and controversies. The diversity of Africa, a vast continent with art movements strewn across numerous ethnic groups, each fuelling its unique artistic identity, makes any attempt to generalize its art a challenging endeavour.

The African Modern Artist: A Closer Look

The term ‘African’ often refers to anything relating to Africa or its people, customs, or languages. Thus, an African Modern Artist or an African Contemporary artist is, by definition, a modern artist with a connection to Africa. At MoMAA, we extend this definition to encompass all indigenous artists who live in Africa and create their affordable art on African soil, Africans born in Africa who live and produce art works outside the continent, as well as Africans not born in Africa but with an African heritage, like Jean-Michel Basquait, a notable American artist of Haitian heritage. Even white African Artists, such as William Kentridge, Irma Stern, Marlene Dumas, who have made significant contributions to contemporary African Art, are embraced under this umbrella.

While curating artists that we deem icons of Contemporary Art, we at MoMAA look beyond the aesthetics. We consider the contributions these African Contemporary Artists have made to the cultural history of African Art, their role in establishing African Contemporary Art on the international stage, and their ability to offer affordable art to a broader audience. Discover more about these iconic artists in our Icons of African Art section.

MoMAA Mission

At MoMAA | Museum of Modern African Art Gallery & Lifestyle, we offer a curated selection of artworks with a particular emphasis on Emerging African Artists. These Contemporary African Art pieces are offered to our clients with services that include negotiated pricing, delivery, storage, and installation upon request.

MoMAA Services

In addition to being a platform for showcasing affordable art, MoMAA | Museum of Modern African Art Gallery & Lifestyle offers an array of services to both emerging and established African contemporary artists and art galleries. These services include Art Fair and Pop up exhibitions, Curation and Consulting Services, and Target Marketing to our clients based on their needs.

Unfolding the MoMAA Journey

The MoMAA journey is one steeped in the vibrant and diverse hues of African culture. We navigate through the often uncharted waters of African artistry, always striving to bring forth unexplored talents and unseen masterpieces. With us, you’re not just witnessing an array of art – you’re immersing in the lifeblood of African creativity.

MoMAA’s Vision

Our vision at MoMAA is to not only be a platform for selling art but to foster an environment that promotes understanding, appreciation, and enthusiastic engagement with African art. We aspire to bridge the gap between African artists and art enthusiasts worldwide, while also promoting the creation and collection of affordable art. Our objective is to spotlight the richness of African art and to propel it onto the global stage.

MoMAA’s Commitment

MoMAA is firmly committed to promoting art that reflects the depth and breadth of Africa’s artistic talents. Our dedication is twofold: towards the artists, whose profound creativity needs a medium of expression and recognition; and towards the art lovers, who seek to explore and own pieces of this rich cultural heritage.

In maintaining this balance, we hope to inspire a new generation of artists, to incite a dialogue about the meaning and impact of African art, and to ensure its rightful place in the international art arena.

For an artist, MoMAA is a haven – a place to be seen, appreciated, and valued. For an art connoisseur, MoMAA is a treasure trove – a place to find, fall in love with, and acquire pieces of affordable art. For a curious visitor, MoMAA is an intriguing exhibition – a place to learn, explore, and understand the pulse of African art.

Join the MoMAA Family

Whether you’re an artist seeking to showcase your work, a collector on the hunt for the next piece of affordable art to grace your collection, or simply an art enthusiast eager to explore and understand African contemporary art, MoMAA welcomes you.

Join the MoMAA family. Let us together explore the dynamic world of African art, celebrate its diversity, and spread the love for African creativity worldwide. Be it through our art collection, our Journal, or our interviews – let’s live, learn, and love African art together.

With MoMAA, the art of Africa is just a click away.

momaa museum of modern african art live chat

The African Story

Until the Story of the hunt is told by the Lion, the tale of the hunt will always glorify the hunter. – African Proverb

Photo Credit:  ©CRistina Schek of Limpopo Artist Giggs Kgole

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