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Kadara Enyeasi Contemporary African Photography Highlighted 2020 MoMAA
Contemporary African Photographers Highlighted 2020
Reading Time: 2 minutes How best can Contemporary African Photographers Highlighted 2020 ? How would you capture a spirit of a country? Through Art, culture and opportunity of articulation of ideas. There is another new age of photographers that are giving  Africa a standard voice, speaking to a cutting edge landmass that is glancing forward in its standards and goals.
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Christie's Black Artist Exhibition Not For Resale African Artists MoMAA
Christie’s Black Artist Exhibition Not For Resale
Reading Time: 3 minutes Christie's Black Artist Exhibition Not For Resale to avoid speculators flipping the art work on the secondary African Art Market
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Lina Iris Viktor - Syzygy (2015) african modern painting MoMAA
GOLD is new dialect of West African Culture
Reading Time: 3 minutes At the point when Gold West Africa propelled, in June 2019, a gathering to build up the West African gold economy, bringing Nigerian, provincial and global gold partners together, there was no uncertainty that it would return in 2020 for its subsequent version.
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Who is the Modern African Artist?

The African Modern Artist is articulate, usually well travelled and very culturally aware. The subject matter tackled by the Contemporary African Art has shifted with the times to include current issues like the Environment, Female Empowerment and immigration to mention a few.

The African Contemporary Artist uses all current visual forms of artistic medium to convey his vision of Africa from installations, painting, sculpture photography and film.

MoMAA | African Modern Art Gallery & Lifestyle

Judging from the recent statistics from the International Auction Houses, there has been a shift in the art market towards greater artistic diversity and a surge in interest in contemporary African Art from the African Continent.

The World’s oldest auction house, Sotheby’s not to be left out of this new hot African Art market, currently holds an annual auction of Contemporary African Art which not only draws a high number bids from Africa itself but also is a magnet for new first time buyers who see the opportunity of investing and owning exceptionally high quality work at attainable prices.

With Record prices being fetched at the International Art Auctions on African Modern Art, MoMAA | African Modern Art Gallery & Lifestyle – becomes a vehicle to help buyers discover the world of contemporary African Art. whether it be Looking for advice on a purchase? Commissioning a Special Art Work?
MoMAA will answer your questions and guide you through your pursuit of that perfect artwork.

MoMAA | African Modern Art Gallery & Lifestyle – offers a selection of Art works with an emphasis on Emerging African Artists in a variety of styles and techniques.

MoMAA | African Modern Art Gallery & Lifestyle

MoMAA | African Modern Art Gallery & Lifestyle
Donald Wasswa -The Battleline Between Good and Evil Runs Through the Heart-of Every Man - 2017 © Circle Art Gallery
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