Hear the Stories as told by the Contemporary African Artists


Goran Pin : NFT African Art Blockchain

Graphic Designer Goran Pin, transform his expressions into NFT Art featuring African Royals…


Mwazulu Diyabanza : Congo

Exhibitionist activism interview by Horcelie Sinda Wa Mbongo : the cultural, spiritual, and socio-political demand of Congolese


Giggs Kgole: South Africa

African Rising Star, Contemporary artist Giggs Kgole says his Win of the Young Masters Award is not only a win for Kgole, but a win for …


Cyrus Kabiru: Kenya

He is best known world wide for his eye wear, C-Stunners, His intricate sculptural works push the boundaries of conventional craftsmanship, sculpture, photography, design and fashion.


Bright-Ackwerh: Ghana

In the context of contemporary art there is very little lines differentiating between hitherto clearly demarcated forms of expression. So humorous cartoons or illustrations could very much become art if the artist is aware…


Sarah Waiswa: Uganda

I was born in Kampala Uganda, but moved to Nairobi Kenya shortly there after. I grew up in Kenya where I attended both primary and secondary school. I got a scholarship to a college in the U.S and ended up obtaining both a …


El Anatsui: Ghana

Renowned African contemporary artist El Anatsui says African art now receiving attention again – Art Interview on Art Radar 20/12/2008

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