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Sudan National museum of modern african artSudan National museum of modern african art

Sudan National Museum

The National Museum of Sudan or Sudan National Museum of African Art, abbreviated SNM, is a double storied building constructed in 1955 and established as an African Art museum in 1971. The building and its surrounding gardens house the largest and most comprehensive Nubian archaeological collection in the world including objects from the Paleolithic through to the Islamic period originating from every site of importance in the Sudan. In particular the National Museum of Sudan houses collections of these periods of the History of Sudan: Paleolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic, A-Group culture, C-Group culture, Kerma Culture, Middle Kingdom of Egypt, New Kingdom of Egypt, Napata, Meroë, X-Group culture and medieval Makuria. The African Art museum is located on the El Neel (Nile) Avenue in Khartoum in Al-Mugran area near the spot where the White and the Blue Niles meet.

The objects of the African Art museum are displayed in four areas:

  • The Main Hall on the ground floor
  • The gallery on the first floor
  • The Open Air Museum in the garden
  • The Monumental Alley outside the museum building

AlsoKey highlights of the collections include:

  • The Taharqo statue. A 4-meter high granite statue of Pharaoh Taharqo, penultimate Pharaoh of the 25th dynasty, facing the main entrance welcomes the visitors of the museum. The statue was broken by the Egyptians upon sacking Napata in 591 BCE under the reign of Psamtik II, then buried in a pit by kushite priests and found by George Reisner in 1916.[5]
  • Neolithic black-topped red burnished pottery and ram statuettes of the C-Group culture.
  • Funerary artefacts and ceramic art.
  • Stela of the chief of Teh-khet Amenemhat, found at Debeira West
  • Middle Kingdom of Egypt and New Kingdom of Egypt artefacts from the area of the third cataract like Sai, Soleb, Sedeinga and Kawa.
  • A bowlegged figurine of the dwarf goddess Beset with a plump body and strange facial features: She has a large flat nose and a wide mouth framed by a lion mane and round lion ears. Uncommon in Egyptian art, Beset is pictured frontally and full-faced rather than in profile. She appears grasping an undulating snake in her 3-digit left hand indicating to control hostile forces. She is the protector of mothers and new-born children.[6]
  • The Napata and Meroë periods of the Kingdom of Kush including the 25th dynasty: Funerary material, a granite statue of king Aspelta, the statue of an unknown Meroitic king represented as an archer and artefacts from its most representative sites like Meroe, Musawwarat es-Sufra and Naqa.

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