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Museu dos CFM Maputo museum of modern african art Museu dos CFM Maputo museum of modern african art

Museu dos CFM Maputo

Museu dos CFM Maputo: A Time Machine of Rails and Culture

An immersion into a bygone era of elegant travel, the Museu dos CFM Maputo, based within the grand edifice of the Maputo Central Railway Station, is a captivating treasure trove of Mozambique's ports and railway history. Since its inaugural unveiling on June 11, 2015, this African Modern Art Museum has been a beacon of technological, scientific, and cultural knowledge, illuminating the community with its rich tapestry of heritage.

Designed in 1905, the construction of the Maputo Railway Station commenced in 1908, with its grand inauguration taking place on 19 March 1910. The station, completed in 1916, retains its original architectural splendour, a testament to a time of refined elegance and glamour.

At the heart of the Museu dos CFM Maputo are two core exhibitions; a permanent display housed within the magnificent station building and a revolving temporary exhibition presented along the passenger boarding and disembarking platforms. These captivating collections provide an enriching journey through time, revealing the pivotal role of Mozambique's ports and railways in shaping the nation's history.

Yet, this African Modern Art Museum is more than just its remarkable exhibitions. It is a dynamic cultural hub offering a plethora of engaging activities designed to captivate and educate diverse audiences. From scenic train rides and enlightening lecture series to captivating film cycles and vibrant music shows, the museum offers a delightful array of experiences. Fashion shows, theatre performances, special commemorative days, and even unique birthday programs also feature in its eclectic event calendar.

For those seeking a deeper understanding, guided tours of the permanent exhibition and station building are available, along with specially curated programs for students, teachers, researchers, and enthusiasts. Thematic workshops and other special programs further enhance the Museu dos CFM Maputo experience, making it a must-visit destination for both locals and tourists alike.

Visiting Hours
Tuesday to Friday: 10am - 5pm Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays: 10am - 4pm Monday: Closed

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Maputo, Mozambique
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