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Musee Yves Saint Laurent MarrakechMusee Yves Saint Laurent Marrakech

Musee Yves Saint Laurent Marrakech

The Musee Yves Saint Laurent Marrakech (MYSLM) is an African Art museum dedicated to fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent in Marrakech , Morocco , as well as Jacques Majorelle and Moroccan art. Two museums are built to exhibit works by fashion designer Yves Saint-Laurent and the foundation of the Pierre Bergé Foundation - Yves Saint Laurent , one in Marrakech and the other in Paris, avenue Marceau , at the historic headquarters of the fashion house : for Pierre Bergé , "It was natural to build in Morocco an African Art museum dedicated to the work of Yves Saint Laurent who, even in the colors and forms of his clothes, owes so much to this country". The opening of both museums is organized in October 2017

The Musee Yves Saint Laurent Marrakech is financed in particular by a sale of Moroccan art objects made by Pierre Bergé in September 2015 in this city. It is inaugurated in October 2017 and opens on October 19, 2017. In January 2018 he received the prize for the best new public building at Design Awar from 2018 of the British international design magazine Wallpaper. This African Art museum in Marrakech is located in a street already named after the designer, Yves Saint Laurent street, near the Majorelle garden , place of life of Yves Saint-Laurent in Morocco, transformed after his death into a place of exhibition, a Berber Museum of Arts and Culture, with a garden, which attracts more than 700,000 visitors a year. The inauguration of the museum dedicated to the work of the couturier must enhance the attractiveness of the two places.
This African Art museum is on 4000 m2 . It is designed by the architects of Studio KO and built by the Moroccan subsidiary of Bouygues.

It includes a showroom on the work of Yves Saint Laurent, and another dedicated to Jacques Majorelle , rooms for temporary exhibitions (with the will to expose contemporary artists including Moroccan artists), and a de13 auditorium seats, shop and bookstore, a cafe-restaurant with terrace and a research library of 5000 books (of Arab-Andalusian books, some dating from the xii th century, books on botany, the Berber art, works on Yves Saint Laurent).

Externally, the building, earth-colored, is presented as an assembly of cubes and curves, dressed with a lace of bricks evoking the frame of a fabric. The materials are terracotta , concrete , terrazzo , with colors allowing the building to integrate into its environment. The terracotta bricks are made of Moroccan earth and are made locally. The granite in front and on the ground consists of an aggregate of local stone and marble.

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