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Musée Maritime de Douala museum of modern african artMusée Maritime de Douala museum of modern african art

Musée Maritime de Douala

The very first Musée Maritime de Douala was created in 1986, and was at the present location of the Kenya Airways company , and its main purpose was to exhibit works that could trace the maritime history of Cameroon. The construction of its new premises at the Avenue des Cocotiers is a project that accompanies the Urban Community of Douala , initiated by the National Council of Loaders of Cameroon in 2011.

The Musée Maritime de Douala of African Art, is an architectural jewel built on an area of ​​600m2 , and stands on 03 floors comprising, 400m2 of an exhibition space distributed among the three floors, 80m2 of a multipurpose room for educational work.

Formerly located at the corner of the Court Street in Bonanjo in the economic capital of Cameroon, Douala, it was in the early 80s that the first Maritime Museum of the National Council of Chargers of Cameroon (CNCC) saw the day. Its purpose was to collect, preserve and display works and objects of importance relating to the maritime history of Cameroon in general and the Littoral region in particular. With time, the CNCC Maritime Museum of African Art will change location and open its doors at Avenue de Gaulle still in Bonanjo, a stone's throw from the party house.

Only and against all odds, this Museum of African Art will close its doors in 1989 following the hibernation of the CNCC. The city of Douala thus lost one of its many tourist sites. Poorly preserved, most of the pieces in the museum's collection have deteriorated. Many others have disappeared. Some old objects have been restored to serve as a new collection.

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Rue de L'Hopital, Douala, Cameroon

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