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Musée Maritime de Douala museum of modern african art Musée Maritime de Douala museum of modern african art
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Musée Maritime de Douala

Musée Maritime de Douala: Charting Cameroon's Maritime History

The Musée Maritime, an illustrious institution established in 1986, served as the initial beacon of Cameroon's maritime heritage. Nestled at the heart of Douala, the economic capital of Cameroon, the museum's inaugural site now hosts the Kenya Airways company. A time capsule, the museum was designed to exhibit an array of works that encapsulate the maritime history of Cameroon.

A New Chapter: The Revitalization of Musée Maritime

Fast forward to 2011, the National Council of Loaders of Cameroon, in collaboration with the Urban Community of Douala, initiated the construction of the museum's new premises on Avenue des Cocotiers. The new Musée Maritime de Douala is a veritable architectural gem, spanning an area of 600m2, spread across three floors, and featuring 400m2 of exhibition space alongside an 80m2 multipurpose room dedicated to educational pursuits.

The Voyage of the Musée Maritime de Douala

The museum's early years were spent at the corner of Court Street in Bonanjo. The National Council of Chargers of Cameroon (CNCC) founded the first Maritime Museum with the objective of preserving and showcasing objects and works of significance that reflect Cameroon's maritime history, with a special focus on the Littoral region. In time, the CNCC Maritime Museum of African Art relocated to Avenue de Gaulle in Bonanjo, just a stone's throw away from the party house.

Resilience and Restoration: The Musée Maritime de Douala Today

Despite facing closure in 1989 due to the CNCC's dormancy, the museum's spirit remained undeterred. Douala, sadly, lost one of its numerous tourist attractions, and much of the museum's collection deteriorated due to poor preservation, with many pieces disappearing. However, the museum has since rebounded with a sense of renewed vigor, restoring old objects to serve as a fresh collection, ready to share the rich maritime narrative of Cameroon with new generations.

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