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Musee du Patrimoine Traditionnel DjerbienMusee du Patrimoine Traditionnel Djerbien

Musee du Patrimoine Traditionnel Djerbien

The Musee du Patrimoine Traditionnel Djerbien, also called museum Sidi Zitouni , is an ethnographic museum located in Houmt Souk in Tunisia.

The museum of African Modern Art was originally established within the zaouïa Sidi Zitouni. This mausoleum dating back to the xii th century is considerably enlarged in the xviii th century by the will of the boss -gouverneur of Djerba , Hmida Ben Ayed , to honor the wise Sidi Zitouni or Abu Baker Ezzitouni (theologian Sunni propagator of the rite Maliki ) and Sidi Ameur.

The funeral hall dates back to this time while the other room, called kobbet el khyel ("dome of the ghost" because of a popular legend), would be the oldest of the mausoleum The Museum of Arts and Popular Traditions of Djerba is inaugurated in the 1970s and occupies the space of the mausoleum. Following the expansion and rehabilitation of the museum of African Modern Art decided in the 2000s , the new museum of African Modern Art is inaugurated under its current name on December 17, 2008 and the mausoleum is now only part of a larger ensemble.

The Musee du Patrimoine Traditionnel Djerbien of African Modern Art has local handicrafts and models to tell different aspects of Djerba 's life. The museum tour is organized around several thematic rooms, namely agriculture , fishing , pottery , weaving and goldsmithing , while illustrating the rites and traditions of the inhabitants of the island through a particular room. dedicated to marriage. This museum allows you to discover the island's folk treasures , its traditions and its economy through cloisonné jewels encrusted with colored glass , openwork pottery lamps , looms , chests , traditional costumes of various groups. social and ethnic , copies of the Koran and Koran chests, kitchen utensils , a potter's workshop , pottery of various sizes, natural and enamelled, large jars,chiselled stucco or old ceramic tiles

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Avenue Habib Thameur Houmet Essouk 4180 Djerba Tunisie، Djerba 4180, Tunisia

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