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Musée des Sources de Lalla MimounaMusée des Sources de Lalla Mimouna
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Musée des Sources de Lalla Mimouna

Musée des Sources de Lalla Mimouna is a partly outdoor private African Art museum encompasses the fizzing, magnesium-rich springs of Lalla Mimouna and is the passion project of Tinejdad native Zaïd Abbou. Artefacts collected over 30 years – including agricultural implements, textiles, pottery, construction tools, calligraphy tablets and painted prayer books – offer an insight into desert life and are housed in an unfolding series of spaces that encompass an internal garden dotted with words of wisdom from The Little Prince

Lalla Mimouna ( Arabic : للا ميمونة) is a city in Morocco . This African Art museum is located in the region of Rabat-Salé-Kenitra . The village's name comes from Lalla Mimouna, Muslim Saint of the viii th century celebrated by Moroccan Jews. Émile Dermenghemtells an anecdote about Lalla Mimouna: Abd al-Wahid b. Zayd wished to know who would be his neighbor in paradise and he was told: "O 'Abdalwahid, you will have for neighbor Mimoûna the black one". And where is she, this Mimoûna the black-he continued to ask with more audacity than discretion. At Banou-Un Tel, in Koûfa. He went to Koûfa and inquired about Mimoûna. It was, she is told, a madwoman who grazed sheep on the side of the cemetery. He found her praying. The flock was grazing all by itself and that was all the more wonderful because the sheep were mixed with wolves and the wolves did not eat the sheep and the sheep were not afraid of the wolves (...) How is it? asked Ibn Zeid, "how are these wolves doing so well with these sheep?"

Musée des Sources de Lalla Mimouna
Musée des Sources de Lalla Mimouna

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avant d´arriver à Tinejdad à gauche en venant de Tineghir Tinjdad, Er Rachidia, Morocco


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