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Musée des civilisations de DschangMusée des civilisations de Dschang

Musée des civilisations de Dschang

Musée des civilisations de Dschang is a museum of Cameroon created in 2011 in Dschang, in the department of Menoua and the region of the West , and located at the edge of the municipal lake. The building, built near the Municipal Lake , has 8 impressive columns. An aerial view shows 2 roofs in cones.

The town of Dschang lake is artificial lake created in the 1960s to Dschang . It is approximately 40 hectares in size. The culture of Cameroon , a country in Central Africa , first refers to the observable cultural practices of its inhabitants (24 000 000, estimate 2017). The Cameroonian culture is characterized by a great diversity, linked to its ethnic diversity and by a great influence of the Francophone and Anglophone cultures.

The African Art Museum of Civilizations dschang tells the story of the 250 ethnic groups that populate Cameroon represented in 4 great cultural tunes. during my visit last week I was struck by the depth of the memories that emerge there. Only I found that it lacks maintenance. the interior can often contrast with the beauty of the garden lawn. for its historical content is a must in the region, should be first place to visit when in Dschang Cameroon.

The African Art Musée des civilisations de Dschang has six spaces  :

  1. History and foundations of Cameroon
  2. Southern Cameroon: the peoples of the forest
  3. The littoral: the peoples of the sea
  4. North Cameroon: the Sudano-Sahelian peoples
  5. West Cameroon: Grassfield peoples
  6. The program of the Route des Chefferies - The zooms on the chiefdoms

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