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Musee de Guellala museum of modern african art Musee de Guellala museum of modern african art
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Musee de Guellala

Musee de Guellala: A Pristine Showcase of Djerbian Heritage

Perched on the island of Djerba in Tunisia, the Musee de Guellala is an emblematic beacon of African Modern Art. It's a repository of Tunisian and Djerbian heritage, a reflection of the diverse cultural fabric that defines this region. The idea of creating such a space dedicated to preserving this rich heritage began to take root in 1991. By 1997, the groundwork for the museum was laid, and on March 15, 2001, the doors of the Musee de Guellala opened to its first visitors, with an official inauguration following on April 15.

Architectural Harmony: A Blend of Tradition and Art

Covering two hectares, with 4000 m² of indoor space, the Musee de Guellala is a grand spectacle. Its exterior, a harmonious blend of traditional houses, minarets, and domes, is clad in a serene palette of white and green. Located on a hill known as Tassida, the highest point of the island, this museum of African Modern Art captures the essence of Djerba's popular traditional arts.

A Tapestry of Djerbian Life: Themes and Exhibits

The Musee de Guellala offers a diverse array of exhibits, each narrating a different aspect of Djerbian life. Through a multitude of blocks, each assigned a unique theme, the museum portrays a vivid tapestry of festivities, traditions, myths, legends, pottery, mosaics, and traditional music.

Within the hallowed halls of this African Modern Art museum, visitors can explore over forty meticulously represented scenes. Some of the highlights include:

  • The preparation of traditional tabouna bread and zumita, a staple made from barley and wheat, baked in a traditional oven.
  • The communal meal preparation ritual, a time-honored tradition that unites the inhabitants of the district.
  • The rite where the groom's procession circles an olive tree for blessings. In popular imagery, the olive tree symbolizes prosperity, peace, fertility, and protection against malevolent forces.
  • A vibrant sword dance, a thrilling spectacle that adds to the cultural richness of Djerba.
  • Musicians showcasing their prowess with the zokra and zurna, traditional musical instruments.

The Musee de Guellala is more than just a museum; it's a time capsule that captures the soul of Djerbian culture. A visit to this African Modern Art museum is a journey into the heart of Djerbian traditions and heritage, a testament to the island's rich cultural legacy.

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