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Musée de Bendrologie de ManégaMusée de Bendrologie de Manéga

Musée de Bendrologie de Manéga

Musée de Bendrologie de Manéga is a museum located 55 km (34 mi) northwest of the city Ouagadougou, in the village of Manega, Burkina Faso. It was established by Frédéric Pacéré Titinga, a Burkinabé solicitor and writer with over 20 books and 60 volumes to his name and with a keen interest in the culture of his native country.

With the inauguration of "THE SACRED AFRICAN SLAB OF THE FOURTH WORLD", it was said that Manega had become the African capital of the poor, where the excluded of the continent find their dignity and strength, where Africa expresses its conscience of misery and its determination to eradicate it. There are in the Manega museum of African Art forty single and rich pieces dating from the 2nd to the 11th century of our era, on what is called "the Boura flutes" on the Niger valley. These are funeral pieces, tubes, terracota jars and bracelets and elements for rituals, etc.

Musée de Bendrologie de Manéga specializes in the arts and musical instruments of Burkina Faso. The museums contains the "Boura flutes," around 40 funeral pieces, tubes, terracota jars, bracelets and elements that were used for rituals in the Niger Valley, dating from the 2nd to the 11th century. It is also known for its 200-year-old Mossi rifles.

The African Art museum has a hall of national Burkinabé culture and the so-called pavilions such as the Youyounse pavilion which presents an artistic display on spirituality and life elements.

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55 km NW of Ouagadougou, Manega Burkina Faso

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