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Kaduna museum of modern african art Kaduna museum of modern african art
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Kaduna Museum Nigeria

The Kaduna Museum in Nigeria is a treasure trove of cultural, historical, and artistic significance, located along Ali Akilu Road in Ungawan Sarki, Kaduna. The museum was inaugurated in 1975, following the donation of the old Northern People’s Congress (NPC) building by the North Central State Government.

As you walk through its corridors, you're greeted with a wide range of collections, including archaeological and ethnographic materials. From the intricate terracotta statues to the renowned Benin bronzes, the museum offers a glance into the rich artistic heritage of Nigeria and the broader African continent.

One of the unique features of the Kaduna Museum Nigeria is its traditional craft village, located within the museum premises. Here, you can observe traditional craftsmen and women diligently at work, creating stunning pieces of art. This live crafts centre not only serves as a testament to the artistic prowess of these individuals but also provides a unique opportunity for visitors to gain firsthand insights into the crafting process.

The museum itself is an architectural marvel, featuring traditional Hausa building structures made from mud and thatch. Its distinct design adds to the allure of the museum, making it a must-visit destination for tourists.

In its heyday, the Kaduna National Museum was a bustling hub of activity, attracting numerous visitors from both local and international destinations. Today, it continues to inspire creativity, foster an appreciation for art, and provide a deep dive into Nigeria's rich cultural and historical landscape.

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Ali Akilu Road, City Centre, Kaduna, Nigeria
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sculpture modern african art

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