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Cape Coast Castle museum of modern african art Cape Coast Castle museum of modern african art
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Cape Coast Castle Museum

Cape Coast Castle Museum: A Journey Through the Past

Situated in Cape Coast, Ghana, the Cape Coast Castle Museum is an ethnography and archeological museum that offers a poignant journey through African history. Established in 1974 and housed in one of the wings of the Cape Coast Castle, the museum underwent a significant transformation in 1994, with the help of the Ghana Museums and Monuments Board (GMMB), UNDP, USAID, the Smithsonian Institution, and the Government of Ghana, along with various NGOs.

The Cape Coast Castle Museum of African Art seeks to educate visitors about the arrival of Europeans in Africa and their interactions with local communities, particularly in the Central Region. The museum offers a glimpse into the dark history of the transatlantic slave trade, showcasing maps of slave trade routes and examples of objects traded for slaves, such as glass beads, whiskey bottles, and firearms.

Exhibits That Tell a Story

Visitors to the museum are invited to step into the shoes of the enslaved through representations of the hold of a ship and auction blocks. In addition to this heartrending portrayal, the museum also encompasses exhibits on the pre-colonial history of the Central Region and displays of its contemporary culture.

The museum's diverse exhibits include gold weights and measuring scales, state swords, guns, stone hunting implements, paintings, terracotta figurines, palanquins (structures used to carry chiefs), life-size European engravings of West African scenes, maps of slave trade routes, examples of items exchanged for slaves, shackles, a black-and-white print of a slave ship, nineteenth-century engravings of captives onboard a slave ship, clan staffs, canoes, photographs of famous black individuals throughout history, traditional cloths, carved wooden utensils, musical instruments, and a model of Cape Coast Castle.

Facilities and Guided Tours

The Cape Coast Castle Museum's facilities cater to a variety of needs, featuring conference halls, a library, an art and craft studio, a book store and gift shop, curio shops, a car park, and an open courtyard for outdoor activities. In addition to the main museum, the Cape Coast Castle also hosts the Building History Museum of African Art.

Visitors can partake in a 45-minute guided tour, which takes them through the castle's dungeons, the condemned cell, and the chilling "Door of No Return." The museum is open daily from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm, offering a unique opportunity for visitors to immerse themselves in the harrowing and inspiring history of Africa.

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