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El Jem Archaeological museum of modern african art El Jem Archaeological museum of modern african art
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El Jem Archaeological Museum

El Jem Archaeological Museum: A Time Capsule of Roman Era Art

Revered as a precious chest of historical treasure, the El Jem Archaeological Museum in El Djem, Tunisia, unfurls a rich tapestry of Roman era art. A pantheon of abstract elements, mythological beings, and diverse fauna awaits visitors, providing an intriguing insight into a civilization that once flourished here.

El Jem: A Spectacular Amphitheatre and a UNESCO Heritage Site

El Jem's claim to fame extends beyond its museum. The town is home to the third-largest amphitheatre in the world, trailing only the iconic Colosseum in Rome and the amphitheatre in Capoue. A UNESCO world heritage site, the amphitheatre is Tunisia's most significant remnant of the Roman Empire.

A Wealthy City in the Heart of Tunisia's Olive Region

Nestled between Sousse and Sfax, El Jem lies in the verdant heartland of Tunisia's olive region. Although a small town today, El Jem was once Thysdrus, one of Tunisia's wealthiest cities during the Roman Empire era.

In this arid region, where water is a scarce commodity, the Romans ingeniously designed the amphitheatre to function as a cistern. This marvel of engineering collected rainwater and distributed it through an intricate system of pipes.

An Elliptic Marvel: The Amphitheatre of El Jem

Constructed at the beginning of the third century, the amphitheatre of El Jem is an architectural marvel. Built in an elliptical shape using golden sandstone, the structure predominantly showcases the Corinthian architectural style. Yet, it also carries Punic influences in its proportions and an African touch in its material choice - no bricks were used in its construction.

Like the Colosseum in Rome, the El Jem amphitheatre is one of the only structures to possess three levels of galleries. Able to accommodate up to 30,000 spectators, it was a significant focal point in the bustling city of El Jem, frequented by many merchants passing through this crucial crossroad.

Innovations and Inspirations from the Roman Empire Era

The El Jem amphitheatre is a testament to the architectural advancements of the time. Despite being inspired by Rome's Colosseum, this structure, built 150 years later, incorporates several innovations. These include a highly sophisticated water system and a unique design for the underground area, which served as a backstage complete with a central hallway and 16 cells for gladiators and animals.

To visit the El Jem Archaeological Museum and its stunning amphitheatre is to voyage back in time, to an era when the might of the Roman Empire resonated in every corner of El Jem. A hub of African art and history, this museum serves as an invaluable reminder of our shared past.

El Jem

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