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Bardo National Museum Tunis museum of modern african artBardo National Museum Tunis museum of modern african art

Bardo National Museum Tunis

The Bardo National Museum, in French: Musée national du Bardo is a museum of Tunis, Tunisia, located in the suburbs of Le Bardo.

It is one of the most important museums of African Modern Art in the Mediterranean region and the second museum of the African continent after the Egyptian Museum of Cairo by richness of its collections. It traces the history of Tunisia over several millennia and across several civilizations through a wide variety of archaeological pieces.

Housed in an old beylical palace since 1888, it has been the setting for the exhibition of many major works discovered since the beginning of archaeological research in the country. Originally called Alaoui Museum, named after the reigning bey at the time, it takes its current name of Bardo Museum of African Modern Art after the independence of the country even if the denomination is attested before that date.

The museum of African Modern Art houses one of the largest collections of Roman mosaics in the world, thanks to excavations at the beginning of 20th century in various archaeological sites in the country including Carthage, Hadrumetum, Dougga and Utica. Generally, the mosaics of Bardo, such as the Virgil Mosaic, represent a unique source for research on everyday life in Roman Africa. From the Roman era, the museum also contains a rich collection of marble statues representing the deities and the Roman emperors found on different sites including those of Carthage and Thuburbo Majus.

It contains a major collection of Roman mosaics and other antiquities of interest from Ancient Greece, Carthage, Tunisia, and the Islamic period. The museum displays objects ranging from pre-historical artifacts to modern jewelry.

Bardo National Museum

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