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The Shona Sculpture Gallery museum of modern african artThe Shona Sculpture Gallery museum of modern african art

The Shona Sculpture Gallery

The Shona Sculpture Gallery specializing in the finest Shona sculpture. Beautiful garden setting, an oasis of calm just minutes from the airport. See works by the best of the contemporary african  sculptors alongside the most famous names in the art movement of African Modern Art.

This place has one of the best selection of modern african art sculptures that you will find in Harare, with both modern and first generation sculptors' works available. As you'd expect, the prices are higher than from places by the side of the road or from the sculptors' own homes/workshops, but here you can find great works by several top sculptors all in one place, beautifully displayed in a lovely garden and indoor gallery.

A labour of love, many years in the making, the Shona Sculpture Gallery is the work of expert collectors, dealers and promoters Guruve - who have moved from online gallery space in Europe to this second separate project located in Harare, Zimbabwe. Taking a long-term view of Zimbabwe’s prospects, care and attention have been invested (and a great deal of money!) in creating this beautiful exhibition space. As Zimbabwe emerges back onto the world scene, after many years as an international pariah, the experts in the Shona sculpture movement are already on hand, on the ground, to promote the very best sculpture Zimbabwe has to offer.

The gallery is a wonderful oasis not too far from the Airport. Some of the leading Zimbabwean stone sculpture modern african artists have works beautifully displayed throughout the beautiful gardens with smaller sculptures displayed inside. The staff are extremely knowledgable and helpful. There is no pressure to buy anything but you will be sorely tempted!

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20 Airport Road Hatfield, Harare, Zimbabwe

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