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Museum of Modern Art of Algiers museum of modern african artMuseum of Modern Art of Algiers museum of modern african art
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Museum of Modern Art of Algiers

The Museum of Modern Art of Algiers (MaMa) is an African art museum in Algiers. It was inaugurated in 2007. The building, built between 1901 and 1909, was first used as a department store, the Galeries de France. Its architecture is neo-moorish. It was rehabilitated to host the museum on five levels. The MaMa was opened at the occasion of the operation "Algiers, capital of the Arabic culture 2007". It was supported by the ministry of Culture, Khalida Toumi. The African Art museum is located at the number 25 of the street Larbi Ben M'hidi (formerly rue d'Isly).

The Museum of Modern Art of Algiers (MaMa) is responsible for the following missions:

  • to conserve, restore, study and enrich collections and / or objects constituting collections;
  • maintain the inventory of objects constituting collections and produce catalogs of objects and collections;
  • ensure the protection of the collections and / or objects constituting the collections;
  • make collections and / or objects constituting collections accessible to the public;
  • create information and communication spaces, educational workshops and meeting spaces;
  • organize and participate in seminars and training and development courses;
  • carry out animation programs such as conferences, exhibitions, and disseminate information related to their purpose;
  • maintain relations of exchange and cooperation with similar institutions;
  • initiate actions and research activities related to its purpose;
    In addition to the missions provided for in Article 3 of Executive Decree No. 11-352 of October 5, 2011, referred to above, the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary African Art in Algiers is responsible for the collection of modern and contemporary works of art such as as the visual arts, graphic arts, photography, video-art, new media, industrial design, design, since 1905 and highlight the works of modern Algerian art since 1945.

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25 Rue Larbi Ben M'hidi, Alger Ctre 16002, Algeria

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