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Museu Nacional de Antropologia museum of modern african art Museu Nacional de Antropologia museum of modern african art
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Museu Nacional de Antropologia

Located in the heart of the Coqueiros neighborhood in the city of Luanda, Angola, lies the renowned Museu Nacional de Antropologia, or the National Museum of Anthropology. This notable institution was founded on November 13, 1976, and is celebrated as a beacon of cultural and scientific significance, dedicating its mission to the collection, research, conservation, and dissemination of Angola's rich cultural heritage.

The museum is impressively structured across two floors and 14 rooms, housing a collection of over 6,000 traditional artifacts. These include farming tools, hunting and fishing equipment, iron foundry items, pottery, jewelry, and musical instruments. The museum also features a significant collection dedicated to women's rights memorabilia, and a poignant photographic exhibition featuring the Khoisan people, providing visitors with a holistic understanding of Angolan culture and history.

One of the museum's standout attractions is its display of various traditional musical instruments, allowing visitors to not only see but also hear these cultural treasures. A demonstration of the marimba is a particular highlight. Other popular exhibits include a rustic furnace used for melting iron and a unique room dedicated to masks, offering insight into the rituals of the Bantu people.

Beyond its permanent collection, the Museu Nacional de Antropologia regularly hosts temporary exhibitions, enhancing the visitor experience with a diverse and ever-evolving range of displays. The museum's collection notably portrays the main activities of Angolan people, particularly those from rural ethnic communities. It also showcases a significant number of pieces originating from other African countries, broadening the cultural perspective provided.

The Museum is organized into five departments, including Administration and Finance, Education and Cultural Animation, and Museology and Scientific Coordination. Its specialized library is a valuable resource for students, teachers, and anyone with an interest in anthropology, offering a wealth of research material.

Established under Decree 80/76 by the then Revolutionary Council, the National Museum of Anthropology holds the distinction of being the first institution of its kind in the postcolonial period. Its primary aim is to help the people of Angola connect with their cultural identity, appreciate it, and pass it on to future generations. In this way, the museum plays a crucial role in preserving and promoting Angolan cultural heritage, serving as a compelling testament to the country's rich and diverse history.

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Avenida de Portugal ex Friedrich Engels nº 61, Luanda, Angola
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