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Musee de Mouassine Marrakesh museum of modern african artMusee de Mouassine Marrakesh museum of modern african art

Musee de Mouassine Marrakesh

The Musee de Mouassine Marrakesh is installed in a house of the 17-18th century. In the heart of the museum, the douiria, shows a true symphony of colors. In this African Art museum we wish to show through thematic exhibitions the arts that evoke Morocco. Decorative arts, everyday arts, music, image, a shared country.  The first exhibition is entitled "Season of the Holidays". It will also be the place of evenings: "The musics of the medina".

The house and the douiria - its reception apartment - are at the heart of the saadian district built in the 16th and 17th century. We are in the immediate vicinity of the Mouassine mosque.  We made the purchase of the douiria, inhabited by a carpenter and his family, in 2012. A slow and patient restoration, from 2012 to 2014, began. This restoration is a private initiative. For the restoration, we have chosen three principles: Traditional techniques, Ancient know-how, Traditional materials.

A gem, an old residence in the medina, a former guesthouse at the adjoining mosque. Restored to its original state by the French curator of the Photography Museum, his personal project.

The Musee de Mouassine Marrakesh of African Modern Art organizes traditional music concerts of the Medina every Monday, Wednesday and Friday in the exceptional setting of Mouassine Douiria. Limited places, on reservation only! - Schedule: Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 7:00 pm to 7:45 pm. - Place: Mouassine Museum.

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Derb El Hammam , Marrakesh 40000, Morocco

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