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Jos museum of modern african art Jos museum of modern african art
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Jos Museum Nigeria

Nestled in the heart of Nigeria, in the city of Jos, resides a treasure trove of the nation's prehistoric culture – the Jos Museum. Originally christened the National Museum, it was brought to life in 1952 by Bernard Fagg. Once considered one of the finest museums in the country, the Jos Museum still holds its allure, despite falling into disrepair.

The museum's charm lies in its extensive collection of artifacts, most notably its Nok terracotta heads. These sculptures, dating from between 500 BC to AD 200, bear witness to the rich history and artistic prowess of the Nok civilization. Each piece, a silent testament to a time long past, offers a glimpse into the lives and cultures of our ancestors.

The Pottery Hall is another major highlight of the museum. Here, one can marvel at a diverse collection of exquisitely crafted pottery from all corners of Nigeria. From simple, rustic designs to intricate, ornate pieces, the variety and artistry on display are truly breathtaking.

The Jos Museum also hosts the Museum of Traditional Nigerian Architecture. This unique exhibit features life-sized replicas of a broad array of structures, from the formidable walls of Kano and the awe-inspiring Mosque at Zaria to a quaint Tiv village. This walk through architectural time provides an immersive experience of Nigeria's rich and diverse building traditions.

The museum is not just about ancient history. It also displays interesting artifacts from the colonial period, including items related to the railway and tin mining industry. These pieces tell the story of Nigeria's journey into modernity and the transformative effects of these industries on the nation's landscape.

In addition to its role as a custodian of Nigeria's cultural heritage, the Jos Museum also serves as an important research centre. It further augments its educational role with a School for Museum Technicians, established with the assistance of UNESCO. This institution trains future custodians of Nigeria's cultural heritage, ensuring the preservation and dissemination of the country's rich history for generations to come.

Located adjacent to a zoo, a visit to the Jos Museum offers a diverse and enriching experience, blending the wonders of nature with the beauty of human creativity and resilience.

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1 Museum St, Jos, Nigeria
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sculpture modern african art

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