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uganda museum of modern african art uganda museum of modern african art
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Uganda Museum

The Uganda Museum: A Rich Repository of Uganda's Cultural Heritage

Located in the heart of Kampala, the Uganda Museum is a treasure trove of Uganda's cultural heritage. Founded in 1908, the museum exhibits a rich array of ethnological, natural-historical, and traditional life collections that vividly portray Uganda's cultural past.

The Uganda Museum holds the distinction of being the oldest museum in East Africa. Its establishment was officially decreed by the British protectorate government in 1908, with an initial focus on ethnographic material. The seeds of the museum's creation were sown in 1902 when Governor George Wilson advocated for the collection of objects that encapsulate Uganda's unique cultural identity.

A Journey Through Time

The museum's journey began in a small Sikh temple at Fort Lugard on Old Kampala Hill. From the 1920s to the 1940s, a series of archaeological and paleontological surveys and excavations were conducted. These were led by prominent figures like Church Hill, E. J. Wayland, Bishop J. Wilson, P. L. Shinnie, E. Lanning, and others. Their efforts led to the collection of a significant number of artifacts that greatly enriched the museum's collection.

However, the original space at Fort Lugard soon proved insufficient to accommodate the growing collection. The museum was thus relocated to the Margret Trowel School of Fine Art at Makerere University College in 1941. In 1954, after raising the necessary funds, the museum moved to its current home on Kitante Hill.

A Centennial Celebration

In 2008, the Uganda Museum marked its centennial anniversary, celebrating 100 years of preserving and promoting Uganda's cultural heritage.

An Architectural Landmark

The museum building itself is a significant historical landmark. It was designed by German architect Ernst May, who envisioned a space that would ensure the proper preservation of the valuable artifacts. The building's design prioritizes ample natural lighting and ventilation, contributing to a pleasant visitor experience while safeguarding the museum's collections.

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