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Bulawayo National Gallery of Zimbabwe Bulawayo National Gallery of Zimbabwe
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National Gallery of Bulawayo

National Gallery of Bulawayo: A Beacon of Artistic Excellence

The National Gallery of Bulawayo, located in Zimbabwe, is a distinctive institution that hosts vibrant and thought-provoking exhibitions. The gallery is nestled within Douslin House, an architectural gem that is over a century old. The building's aesthetic grandeur reflects the gallery's mission of aesthetic appreciation and artistic exploration.

As the guardians of an expanding Zimbabwean heritage, the gallery's responsibilities include the selection, nurturing, and recognition of exceptional works of visual and African Modern Art. The gallery is devoted to highlighting pivotal artworks, fostering and enhancing existing talent, training and developing artistic skills, educating, empowering, mediating, and above all, celebrating art.

Unlike other provinces in Zimbabwe, the National Gallery of Bulawayo is unique in its aim to erase boundaries between art and its audience, fostering a continuous dialogue and closeness. The gallery's personality is epitomized by its transparent windows in the Lower Gallery, allowing pedestrians to view current exhibitions as they go about their daily activities.

The gallery's inviting ambiance is enhanced by its warm wooden frames, doors, and floors, the cozy fireplaces in the smaller upstairs galleries, the laced balconies that provide a view of the cityscape, the enclosed courtyard, and the sculpture garden. These elements collectively foster an environment of sharing and intimacy. The gallery also houses studios where artists can be seen at work, and a family-style café, adding to the inviting atmosphere.

Moreover, the gallery hosts a non-circulating library with a strong emphasis on texts covering African Modern Art, providing a valuable resource for researchers and art enthusiasts alike.

In its mission to dissolve barriers and create dialogue, the National Gallery of Bulawayo continues to serve as a beacon of artistic excellence and cultural heritage in Zimbabwe.


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sculpture modern african art

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