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National Ethnographic Museum of Guinea-BissauNational Ethnographic Museum of Guinea-Bissau

National Ethnographic Museum Guinea-Bissau

National Ethnographic Museum Guinea-Bissau is the national ethnographic museum of Guinea-Bissau. It is situated in Bissau, and is one of two major museums in the country. As of 1998 it had a library of 14,000 volumes.  The Museum building is of Portuguese colonial architecture, built in 1948 at the then Plaza do Imperio, today National Heroes Square, next to the Presidential Palace. Reopened to the public on September 15, 2017.

It is one of the two main museums in the country. The museum of African Modern Art began collecting activities between 1985 and 1986, being officially opened on 31 May 1988 in facilities located in the Ajuda neighborhood together with the National Archives,receiving about a hundred pieces from the ethnographic collection and national archives from the Portuguese Guinea Studies Center , active between 1946 and 1975.

During the 1998-1999 civil war the museum building was used as the base of the Senegalese Armed Forces . The ethnographic collection and national archives suffered irreparable damage. Many objects and documents were definitely lost, including an important photographic estate documenting the museum's early years of activity, between 1996 and 1990.

The reopening of the museum of African Modern Art, the September 15, 2017, was inaugurated the exhibition "The National Ethnographic Museum of Bissau: 30 Years of History", exposing the work done over the previous four years the director of the museum, Albano Mendes, the anthropologist Ramon Sarró and the museologist / curator Ana Temudo, with the digitalization of an old set of about 400 contact proofs , kept over 30 years in Bissau, which allowed the history of the museum and its pieces to be reconstructed.

Although negatives and printed photographs have been irretrievably lost forever, contact evidence shows the origins of the museum in the late 1980s. The digitized images were displayed together with some objects that the museum conservatives managed to recover from the destruction. in 1999. The recovered images show the art of the coasters, blacksmiths, weavers and potters, as well as the rituals and ceremonies of the different ethnic groups. You can also see the first records of the museum and its activity.

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