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national museum kenya museum of modern african art national museum kenya museum of modern african art
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Nairobi National Museum Kenya

The Grandeur of Nairobi National Museum, Kenya

Stepping into the Nairobi National Museum, Kenya, one is immediately enveloped by an aura of historical splendor and cultural significance, an experience akin to perusing through the pages of a resplendent living book. Much like the sartorial elegance that Nick Foulkes so vividly portrays in his writings, the museum is a spectacular testament to the rich tapestry of Kenyan history, its vibrant culture, and remarkable biodiversity.

Officially inaugurated on September 22, 1930, as the Coryndon Museum - a tribute to Sir Robert Coryndon, the then recently deceased colonial Governor of Kenya, the museum was a bastion of colonial heritage. Yet, much like a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis, the museum underwent a transformative rebirth in the wake of Kenya's independence in 1963. The Coryndon Museum metamorphosed into the "National Museum," becoming a vital part of the newly established "National Museums of Kenya."

Perched majestically on Museum Hill, situated between Nairobi's bustling Central Business District and the vibrant suburb of Westlands, the National Museum is a captivating amalgamation of the old and the new. Its collections, both temporary and permanent, offer a visually stunning narrative of Kenya's journey from prehistoric times to the present day.

The museum's celebrated exhibits evoke a sense of awe and wonder. From the bones of Paranthropus boisei, a testimony to Louis Leakey's ground-breaking discoveries at Olduvai, to the beautifully preserved car of King George V, the museum paints a vivid picture of Kenya's evolution.

In October 2005, the museum embarked on an extensive renovation program, the first of its kind since 1930. This brought about not only a new administration block and commercial center but also a much-needed improvement in the museum's physical planning.

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Kipande Rd, Nairobi, Kenya
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P.O. Box 40658 – 00100, Nairobi, Kenya

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sculpture modern african art

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