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Marrakesh Museum of Contemporary ArtMarrakesh Museum of Contemporary Art
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Museum of Contemporary Art Al Maaden

Celebrating African Creativity: Museum of Contemporary African Art Al Maaden

A testament to African creative spirit, the Museum of Contemporary African Art Al Maaden (MACAAL) stands as a vibrant hub of contemporary African art. The museum, designed with a generous spirit of sharing, showcases a collection born out of passion and a commitment by the Alliances Foundation to promoting art accessibility for all.

A Pioneer in African Art Curation

MACAAL, nestled in the heart of Marrakech, is a non-profit, independent museum, and one of the first of its kind on the African continent. The museum is dedicated to bolstering African Modern art through its diverse educational programmes and thought-provoking exhibitions, cultivating the interest of the public at large. By acquiring and exhibiting artworks from both established and emerging artists, MACAAL fosters an understanding of contemporary African art while unveiling the continent's creative energy and cultural diversity.

A Unique Space for African Art

In February 2018, Morocco opened its doors to its first museum dedicated to contemporary African art - MACAAL. With a particular focus on artists from Africa and the diaspora, this museum offers a unique and enriching perspective on African art within the region.

A Dialogue of Artistic Expression

MACAAL provides a platform to explore Moroccan art and the artistic expressions of its neighbouring countries through a range of mediums. In addition to its permanent collection, the museum's exhibitions open a dialogue with the continent, featuring both African and international artists.

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Al Maaden, Sidi Youssef Ben Ali , Marrakesh 40000, Morocco
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sculpture modern african art

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