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Marrakesh Museum of Contemporary ArtMarrakesh Museum of Contemporary Art

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Museum of Contemporary Art Al Maaden

The Museum of Contemporary African Art Al Maaden (MACAAL) is a museum dedicated to contemporary African art. Designed to provide the general public with a collection made with passion and in a spirit of sharing. It demonstrates the commitment of the Alliances Foundation to promote access to art for all audiences by promoting African creation.

The Museum of Contemporary African Art Al Maaden (MACAAL) of Marrakech is an independent museum of contemporary art non-profit . One of the first of its kind on the continent, MACAAL is dedicated to the promotion of African art through the various educational programs and exhibitions it offers and which allow it to cultivate the interest of large public. Through the acquisition and exhibition of works by both established and emerging artists, the museum promotes the understanding of contemporary African art and reveals the continent's creative energy and cultural diversity.  Opened at the end of February 2018, Morocco opened its first museum for contemporary art. Focusing on artists from Africa and the diaspora, the Museum (MACAAL), is unique in the region. 

The MACAAL gives to see the art of Morocco and its neighboring countries through different mediums. In addition to its permanent collection, the exhibitions highlight an art that opens the dialogue with the continent and present both African and international artists.

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