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Musee de Bandjoun museum of modern african artMusee de Bandjoun museum of modern african art

Musee de Bandjoun

Discover the rich culture of the small, seven-centuries-old town at Musee de Bandjoun of African Art. The Musee de Bandjoun of African Art houses the historical artifacts that showcase the development of art, craftsmanship, and local history. See the permanent exhibition divided into six sections, with innumerable artifacts from the past, such as the rulers' thrones, statues, paintings, handicrafts, vividly colored textiles and embroidery works, furniture, and musical instruments. You can also learn about the town's secret society, important points in history, and the locals' ways of life.

Bandjoun (La 'Djo in local language) is a town and commune in the Koung-Khi Department in the West Region of Cameroon. Bandjoun is also the capital of the Koung-Khi department, and one of the largest traditional chiefdom (chefferie) in Bamiléké country. The chief dwells in Hialah, and has many wives. Its inhabitants speak Ghomala' or Bandjoun which is one of the Bamiléké family of languages. Bandjoun is located some 10 km south of Bafoussam and some 230 km north-east of Douala. Access to the municipality is by the N4 road from Bafoussam which passes through the municipality then goes south-east to Bayangam. The N5 road branches from the N4 in the municipality and goes south-west to Batié. The Route Bangou also branches from the N4 in the municipality and goes south through the town to Bangou.

Musee de Bandjoun

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Bp 141 | 5km from Bandjoun city centre, Bandjoun

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