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Dar es Salaam National museum of modern african art Dar es Salaam National museum of modern african art
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Dares Salaam National Museum

The Dar es Salaam National Museum, nestled within the verdant surroundings of Shabban Robert Street, is an institution of historical depth and cultural richness. A stone's throw away from the lush botanical gardens, this museum, established in 1934, and welcoming visitors since 1940, originally served as a memorial to King George V. To this day, a car belonging to the King remains a treasured exhibit, symbolizing the museum's storied past.

Over the decades, the museum has evolved and expanded, most notably in 1963 with the addition of a second building. The museum now stands as a beacon of Tanzanian history, offering a diverse array of exhibits that paint a vivid picture of the country's past and present.

Among its most prized exhibits are the Paranthropus boisei bones, remarkable findings of the famous paleoanthropologist, Louis Leakey, at Olduvai. These remnants of a long-vanished epoch serve as tangible links to our ancient ancestors, offering unique insights into human evolution.

The museum also features an extensive section dedicated to the Shirazi city-state of Kilwa, showcasing the rich history of this influential trading hub. Additionally, the museum's collection includes a variety of historical artifacts related to the German and British colonial periods and ancient Chinese pottery, thereby providing a comprehensive narrative of Tanzania's multifaceted past.

Moreover, the museum holds a captivating array of ethnographic collections that shed light on the diverse cultures of Tanzania. These exhibits provide a valuable platform for understanding the traditions, customs, and ways of life of various Tanzanian communities.

The Dar es Salaam National Museum is part of the National Museum of Tanzania, a consortium of five Tanzanian museums with the shared mission of preserving and showcasing exhibits about the history and natural environment of Tanzania. The consortium, which developed from the original National Museum of Dar es Salaam, has since grown to include the Village Museum in Dar es Salaam, the National History Museum, the Arusha Declaration Museum in Arusha, and the Mwalimu Julius K. Nyerere Memorial Museum in Butiama. This collective effort is a testament to Tanzania's commitment to the preservation of its rich cultural and natural heritage.

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5 Shaaban Robert St, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
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