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Botswana National museum of modern african art Botswana National museum of modern african art
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Botswana National Museum

Botswana National Museum: A Cultural and Artistic Beacon

Nestled in the capital city of Gaborone, the Botswana National Museum is a multifaceted institution that brings together the National Art Gallery, Octagon Gallery, and, since November 2007, the National Botanical Garden. This establishment showcases an impressive collection of traditional Botswana crafts, paintings, and artifacts, placing the spotlight on the remarkable talents of local artists.

A Dynamic Institution for African Modern Art

The museum of African Modern Art is deeply committed to preserving the country's rich cultural and artistic heritage. It plays a vital role in maintaining Tsodilo, Botswana's first world heritage area. Additionally, the museum is responsible for the upkeep of Tsholofelo Park, the final resting place of "El Negro," the "negro of Banyoles," whose remains were repatriated from the Darder Museum of Banyoles in Spain.

The Gaborone National Museum & Art Gallery is home to a diverse array of artwork by local artists from Gaborone and across Botswana. Through its efforts, the museum strives to elevate the recognition and appreciation of Botswana's art on the international stage. Furthermore, it houses a range of artifacts from southern Africa, serving as an invaluable educational resource for knowledge-seekers.

Celebrating 40 Years of Cultural Enrichment

Established in 1967 through an Act of Parliament, the museum opened its doors to the public in 1968. In 2008, it commemorated its 40th anniversary with year-long celebrations under the theme "Museum as Agents of Social Change and Development," echoing the slogan of the International Council of Museums.

The Botswana National Museum stands as a beacon of African art, history, and culture. Its dedication to promoting local talent and preserving the nation's rich heritage makes it an essential destination for anyone interested in the artistic accomplishments and cultural evolution of Botswana.

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