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Ascension Island Heritage Society Museum

A visit to the Islands’ Ascension Island Heritage Society Museum is highly recommended – with an extensive collection of photographs and artifacts the museum and Fort Hayes provide an enlightening glimpse into the Islands rich heritage.  The Museum opening hours are 1700-1900 on Mondays and 1000-1200 Saturdays.

In addition to the Ascension Island Heritage Society Museum and Fort Hayes, there are many Heritage sights around Georgetown and the island. Founded in 1966, the Society is an entirely voluntary body whose aims are to awaken public concern in, and appreciation of, the geography, history, natural history and architecture of Ascension Island, and to secure the preservation of features of historic or public interest. The Society relies on public donations and small profits from the sale of pamphlets for survival.

The Heritage Society and its team of volunteers is responsible for the running of the Ascension Heritage Museum situated below Fort Hayes in Georgetown, open on Saturdays from 10-12 and Mondays from 5-7 pm.

“A strange farrago of volcanic activity and tropical verdure, a true medley of ugliness and beauty painted in red, brown and grey, the home of the giant turtle and in the track of the south-east trades – such is Ascension Island” LS. Bartlett, Resident Magistrate 1934 – 1936.

Ascension Island Heritage Society Museum

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