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MUMA musee de mayotte (Musee De France) MUMA musee de mayotte (Musee De France)
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MUMA Musée de Mayotte

The MUMA Musée de Mayotte is a notable museum located in the rehabilitated Dzaoudzi Barracks close to the barge in Mayotte. The museum, which specializes in African Modern Art, opened its doors to the public in September 2015 during the European Heritage Days.

This evolving institution aims to showcase the richness of Mayotte through various exhibitions that touch on emblematic themes, as well as the island's natural and cultural environment. This includes both tangible and intangible heritage. Every year, the MUMA introduces one or two new prefiguration exhibitions to enrich the museum's collections and allow the public to delve into the depth of Mayotte's history and culture.

On December 20, 2018, MUMA received the prestigious title of "Museum of France" and joined the esteemed family of African Modern Art museums. These institutions are recognized for their collections of items of public interest, dedicated to preserving, presenting, educating, and entertaining the public, as stated by the Law Museum of January 4, 2002.

Visitors to MUMA can expect a warm and inviting atmosphere where they can explore the treasures of the Mayotte lagoon through films and unique exhibits, including an intriguing sperm whale skeleton. You can also learn about immaterial practices, such as shioni (the place of books or Koranic school), and a range of local craftsmanship. The museum provides an understanding of Mayotte's ritual world, its economic and cultural exchanges, past and present.

In March 2019, MUMA inaugurated its fifth prefiguration exhibition, "Immersion." This exhibition emphasizes marine natural heritage, beginning with a room dedicated to the sperm whale in 2016 (prefiguration #2). The exhibition revolves around the coelacanth, a rare species that transitioned between aquatic and terrestrial life during evolution. This endangered fish is a living fossil, representing a species believed to be extinct for 60 million years.

The exhibition displays approximately a hundred specimens from the local geographical area in a "cabinet of curiosities" style, reminiscent of the ancestors of museums: collections of passionate enthusiasts. Supported by marine sounds, proverbs, stories, videos, and photographs from professionals and amateurs, the exhibition aims to raise awareness about the biodiversity of the seabed and the significance of its preservation.

The MUMA Musée de Mayotte is an ideal place to immerse yourself in Mayotte's history, traditions, and the marvels of its natural heritage.

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1 Place de France | Place de France, Dzaoudzi 97615, Mayotte
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