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Buy Art Online 2024
Buy Art Online 2024 Guide
Reading Time: 6 minutes In 2024, the online art market has revolutionized accessibility, allowing enthusiasts to discover and purchase masterpieces from the comfort of their own homes.
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Irma Stern sets new African Art auction record
Art Appraisal Guide 2024: 7 Key Insights for Accurate Valuations
Reading Time: 12 minutes
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Then I Knew I Was Good at Painting: Esther Mahlangu, A Retrospective - (Suid Afrika Vorentoe (South Africa Ahead) 2003 | Acrylic on ballroom shoes | 34 x 38 x 20cm (perspex dome)
Then I Knew I Was Good at Painting: Esther Mahlangu, A Retrospective
Reading Time: 6 minutes Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Esther Mahlangu as we unveil 'Then I Knew I Was Good at Painting', a retrospective celebrating her dynamic fusion of Ndebele tradition and contemporary artistry
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BMW Electric AI Canvas: A Symphony of Art and Technology © BMW Group
Exploring the Nexus: Contemporary Art and Its Transformative Role in African Societies
Reading Time: 4 minutes In the ever-evolving world of art, African contemporary art stands as a beacon of innovation and transformation. Rooted deeply in the rich soil of African culture and history, it stretches its branches towards the skies of modern expression and global relevance. This art form, a vibrant fusion of tradition and modernity, not only reflects the dynamic pulse of African societies but also actively shapes and redefines them.
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Tafadzwa Gwetai,
Empowerment Through Art: International Day of People with Disabilities
Reading Time: 5 minutes As the gentle breeze of December whispers its arrival, we find ourselves turning our collective gaze towards the International Day of People with Disabilities. Established by the United Nations, this annual celebration serves to raise awareness and promote understanding of disability issues.
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Christopher Okeke
Christopher Okeke: Unleashing the Power of African Modernism!
Reading Time: 4 minutes Immerse yourself in the vibrant legacy of Christopher Uchefuna Okeke, the trailblazing father of African Modernism. His profound influence reshaped the artistic landscape, infusing it with bold patterns and potent symbolism drawn from African heritage. Okeke's work transcends time, inviting us into a world where tradition and modernity blend seamlessly. This is a celebration of a visionary who crafted not just art, but cultural dialogue—an enduring narrative that continues to inspire and provoke thought in the art world and beyond.
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World Food Day: The Art of African Cuisine
World Food Day: The Art of African Cuisine
Reading Time: 6 minutes The splendid aroma of spices wafts through the air as one traverses the enchanting lands of Africa, a continent so diverse that it has emerged as a veritable treasure trove of gastronomic delights. On World Food Day, a noble endeavor established by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, the world unites in celebrating and raising awareness about global hunger and food security.
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Art and Healing: African Art's Role in Mental Health Awareness | Chiwara sculptures Headdress
Art and Healing: African Art’s Role in Mental Health Awareness
Reading Time: 4 minutes Seldom are the forces of culture and human nature so interconnected as when it comes to the art world. This World Mental Health Day, we turn our attention to the healing properties of African art and its role in promoting mental health awareness.
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The Art and Impact of Alma Thomas
Reading Time: 15 minutes Alma Thomas: A Symphony of Color and a Pioneer in Abstraction! Step into a world where each stroke tells a story of defiance, each color sings a song of liberation, and each artwork is a universe waiting to be explored. Be mesmerized by the unbridled expression and unrestrained vibrancy that defined Alma Thomas's illustrious career and discover how this African American icon changed the canvas of black art history forever!
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