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Submit High resolution images of Art work to include signature and back of work.

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Provide Art work info to include: History, Provenence, Artist Bio, Dimensions, weight, Documentation e.t.c

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Submit your Artwork via the form below or alternatively drop us an email with all the details at : 

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    I submitted my Art Work, now what? will I be featured?

    Not all submissions are featured on the site. If you are chosen or not, you will be notified by phone or email, and it can take up to several weeks after your submission to be shown.

    Will I be notified if I’m not selected?

    Yes we will let you know if your work wasn’t selected.

    Can I submit more than once?

    Sure, but only if you have something new to submit. Duplicate submissions will be ignored.

    Can I submit on someone else’s behalf?

    Yes, but only after getting their permission. We may require proof of the artist’s consent before we feature their work.

    Why is a website required?

    We only intend to introduce our Clients to the artists we feature. Since we only show a limited number of the artist’s portfolio we advise that there is a web site available where our Clients can find out more.

    What file types are acceptable?

    Please ensure your image files end in .jpg, .gif or .png.

    Submission via Form is Not Working

    Kindly provide all the info with high resolution images via email to

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