Artistic Project for the Paediatric Extension of KEU

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Introduction and Concept

Thi s is the Final Open Call for Artists Pediatric Eye Unit – Rwanda. The Kabgayi Eye Unit (KEU) in Gitarama, Rwanda, is the largest eye hospital in Rwanda. As the centre for paediatric ophthalmology in Rwanda, it is currently in the last phase of constructing a new building that will house the paediatric ophthalmology department. At the initiation of the ophthalmologists of the KEU and a group of 5 art students from the University of Goldsmiths, London, UK, an idea of a voluntary project to paint and decorate the interior of the new building came up.  This would include the paediatric ward, the paediatric waiting room and the paediatric examination office, all located in the new building .

A Design adapted to Children with Impaired Vision 

As many of the children in the ward will have impaired vision, it is important to adapt the decoration and paint to these needs.  Working with different materials, relief can be created making the decoration a tactile experience as well as a visual one. On certain walls, shapes cut from wood or tiles, and woven decorations can add texture. Children would feel free to touch and interact with these. 

Final Open Call for Artists Pediatric Eye Unit - Rwanda
Final Open Call for Artists Pediatric Eye Unit – Rwanda
The project aims to paint the new wards of the building in a stimulating and engaging way for the children. Another key part of the project is research based. As KEU is an eye clinic, the research aims to merge scientific knowledge of the eye and of perception with visual art making, especially with regard to abstraction and child oriented art. Workshops with the visually impaired children of the hospital will be a key part of this research project.

Deadline: 22nd of December

Notification of the artists on the 26th of December 

Beginning of project: 4th of January 10 o’clock in Muhanga.

In Partnership with cbm

December 22 @ 01:25

Gitarama, Rwanda


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