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Online Art Appraisal Submission at MoMAA

At MoMAA, we offer a comprehensive art appraisal online service. To get started, follow these simple steps:

Submit High-Quality Images of Your Artwork

To ensure an accurate online art appraisal, we require high-resolution images of your artwork. This should include images of the front, back, close-ups, and any signatures.

Submit Detailed Information About Your Artwork

The more information we have about your artwork, the more accurate our art appraisal online will be. Please provide details such as receipts, history, provenance, authenticity certifications, artist bio, dimensions, weight, and any additional documentation.

Provide Your Contact Information

To complete your art appraisal online, we need your contact information. Please provide your email, phone number, and website if applicable.

You can submit your artwork and information via the form on our website, or alternatively, you can email us all the details at

    Once you’ve completed the submission of your artwork’s images and details, you’re just a step away from unlocking the full potential and value of your art. Proceed to make your payment for the appraisal by following this link: Complete Your Art Appraisal Payment. At MoMAA, we are committed to providing you with an insightful, accurate, and professional appraisal service. Secure your art’s appraisal today and discover its true value and significance.

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    I submitted my Art Work, What next?

    You will receive a payment link within 48 hours after making payment then the valuation of your Art work will begin and report will be delivered in a further 48 hours.

    Can I submit more than one Art work for valuation?

    Sure, but only if you have something new to submit. Kindly repeat the submission process for every individual work you submit. Duplicate submissions will be ignored.

    What file types are acceptable?

    Please ensure your image files end in .jpg, .gif or .png. and .pdf for receipts.

    Submission via Form is Not Working

    Kindly provide all the info with high resolution images via email to

    Is my private data confidential?

    Your valuation request is sent completely anonymously. Your personal data will remain confidential.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Art Appraisal Online at MoMAA

    How can I find out the value of artwork?
    At MoMAA, we offer a comprehensive art appraisal online service. By submitting high-resolution images and detailed information about your artwork, our team of experts can provide an accurate valuation.
    Is there an app to value paintings?
    While there are various apps available for art valuation, MoMAA provides a more personalized and accurate art appraisal online. Our team of experts evaluates each piece individually, considering all aspects of the artwork.
    Is it worth getting art appraised?
    Absolutely. Getting your art appraised online at MoMAA not only provides you with the current market value of your artwork but also helps in understanding its historical and cultural significance. It's an essential step if you're considering selling or insuring your artwork.
    How do I value my art collection?
    Valuing an art collection involves understanding the worth of each piece individually. At MoMAA, our art appraisal online service can help you determine the value of your entire collection. Our team of experts will evaluate each piece in detail, providing you with a comprehensive valuation.
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