Zin Maisiri – Burdened (2020)

Zin Maisiri Studied Art and Design at Chinhoyi University as well as Diploma in Teaching. He embarked on a teaching career for about 5 years and taught Art in schools. Based In Gweru, Zimbabwe, he started 2016 a program to teach street kids art and life skills and also helps mentally challenged kids. Maisiri uses paint brushes, palette knives and black ink  to execute vibrant, bold acrylic pigment onto a collage canvas.

  • Zin Maisiri – Burdened (2020)
  • 38 x 48 cm (W x H)
  • Mixed Media on Canvas


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About Zin Maisiri

Zin Maisiri was born in 1970 in Zambia but grew up in Zimbabwe. He Studied Art and Design at Chinhoyi University…as well as Diploma in Teaching.
He later on embarked on a teaching career for about 5 years and taught Art in schools.
After which he left teaching and became a Clothing Designer for about six years before returning to Art permanently.
Zin Maisiri went to Namibia for 3 years where he had success in the Tourist market and built up a strong body of work which enabled him to put bread on the table so to speak.  In this period his style changed both on a commercial and personal level. Initially he believed himself to be a social observer of every day occurrences as well as the political bubbling unders of the African panorama. Zin Maisiri style has changed and will change as he challenges the artist within and as he evolves in how he sees and relates to the world.
Zin Maisiri - Burdened (2020)
Zin Maisiri - Burdened (2020)

Zin Maisiri – Burdened (2020)

Select Exhibitions

2011  -Two-men Exhibition at Chitungwiza Publicity Centre
2011  -Christmas Exhibition at Richard Rennie Art Gallery
2012  -Solo Exhibition Theme: My city at Publicity Centre
2013  -Two-men Exhibition Theme: Township Life in Swakopmund Namibia
2015  -Group Exhibition Theme: Easter in Africa at Cosdef Arts and Crafts Centre in Swakopmund Namibia
2016  -Galerie Berlin- Baku Exhibition in Germany
2016  -Zin Maisiri meets Reinhadt Weifel Theme: 1st Level Exhibition in Germany
2018  -Save the Nzou at Tsoko Gallery in Harare
2018  -Reinhadt Weifel meets Zin Maisiri Theme: 2nd Level Exhibition in Germany
2020  -Pinsel und Meibel (Brush and Chisel)Exhibition in Germany
Zin Maisiri African Contemporary Artist
“and what was once important becomes expandable as one ages and  metarmorphs ”

“I believe painting with my soul …. not only with my eyes .
The soul sees more and feels moods better. I hope to perfect that emotion.
I am a voracious reader. Books of every nationality give me Shakespeare, etc. Chinua achebe and
a pinch of(poetry to which I also write”

Zin Maisiri-African Contemporary Artist

Zin Maisiri – Burdened (2020)





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