Nedia Were – Valentino Lady in Yellow

Nedia Were’s artwork is a visual commentary on the discourse surrounding the representation of African figures within the visual arts, particularly within art learning institutions and art history. His work challenges traditional notions of beauty and confronts Western ideas of modern beauty within the canon of painting, with a specific focus on figurative paintings and portraiture. The human figure is a recurring motif in his work, reflecting on beauty, taste, politics, and society.

  • Nedia Were – Valentino Lady in Yellow 2022
  • Oil and Acrylic on Canvas
  • 170 x 140cm
  • Artwork comes with Certificate of Authenticity


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Nedia Were, a self-taught maestro of the visual arts. Born and raised in the vibrant landscapes of Kenya, Were’s artistic journey began in the innocent days of his childhood. His young mind, captivated by the characters he encountered in cartoons, comic books, and newspapers, began to translate these figures onto paper, thus sowing the seeds of his lifelong passion for art.

As a teenager, Were continued to nurture his artistic inclinations, honing his craft as a signwriter. It was during this period that he began to develop his unique style, a style that would later become his signature in the world of visual arts.

A significant influence on Were’s artistic style was his grandfather’s love for newspapers. The stories, events, and topics covered in these papers stirred something within Were. He found himself deeply connected to the events reported, particularly those concerning social and environmental issues. This connection sparked a desire within him to contribute to the solutions for these issues and to provide a voice for the disenfranchised in society. In response to these feelings, Were began to create art that promotes internal and external dialogue on societal shortcomings.

Nedia Were reimagines art history by placing his subjects in positive natural environments, often depicted roaming freely within the frame, juxtaposed against elements of nature. The natural environment in which Were’s subjects find themselves is representative of fluidity, growth, and the rebirth of the African figure within the visual arts and the canon of portraiture. This is Nedia Were, a voice for the voiceless, a champion for the disenfranchised, and a beacon of hope in the world of visual arts.

Nedia Were - Valentino Lady in Yellow
Nedia Were - Valentino Lady in Yellow
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