Larry Amponsah – Her Lordship

“Her Lordship” is a triumphant continuation of Amponsah’s thrilling venture into portraiture, a journey he embarked upon in the year 2020. In this piece, he delves into the exploration of power representation, a theme prevalent in pre-Modern European portraiture. Simultaneously, he pays homage to the post-Second World War portraiture of African-American artists, notably Romare Bearden.

  • Larry Amponsah – Her Lordship 2021
  • Acrylic Paint on Archival Paper stretched on canvas
  • 150 × 130 cm | 59 1/10 × 51 1/5 in
  • Artwork comes with Certificate of Authenticity


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“Her Lordship,” a masterful work of art that is a testament to the artist’s innovative spirit. This piece, a magnificent 150cm by 130cm, is a testament to Larry Amponsah’s deft hand and inventive mind. Crafted meticulously on archival paper, it is then hot mounted on canvas and stretched, a testament to the artist’s commitment to preserving the integrity of his work.

Amponsah’s use of carefully painted objects as symbols infuses the piece with a potent narrative element, inviting the viewer to weave their own tale from the imagery. The figure’s face, rendered in collage, provides a fluid contrast to the rigid, hieratic body, breathing life and psychological depth into the character. In this series, the vibrant monochrome colours echo the house paint adorning the facades of many Ghanaian homes. The artist’s brushwork, a blend of the mass-produced and the hand-made, showcases his interest in manipulating techniques and representation codes.

The figure depicted, a young and confident character, is a figment of the artist’s imagination. Yet, through Amponsah’s masterful command of image-making techniques and politics, he imbues the subject with a tender affection that lends it a potent, contemporary credibility. The regal splendour of the character is intertwined with a sense of human fragility, creating a compelling juxtaposition that is both captivating and thought-provoking.

Larry Amponsah - Her Lordship
Larry Amponsah - Her Lordship
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