Kaaml – Little Ones XIV

Kaaml – Little Ones XIV

Kaaml’s journey into the world of art began at Mulhouse’s esteemed Fine Arts institution. Here, he effortlessly mastered the intricacies of drawing and painting, laying the foundation for what would become a distinctive and evolving style. After completing his formal education, Kaaml plunged into a world of colors and canvases, pioneering a unique aesthetic that has since graced the galleries of cities like Basel, Berlin, Chicago, Miami, Monaco, New York, Paris, and Zurich.


  • Title: Little Ones XIV
  • Dimensions: 32 x 24 cm (H x W)
  • Medium: Crayons on Paper

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Kaaml – Little Ones XIV

Kaaml: A Fusion of Cultures, An Era Recaptured

Hailing from a rich tapestry of Algerian and French heritage, Kaaml was brought into the world on December 9, 1967, and soon became a vessel of two intertwining cultures. The vibrancy and flux of the 1980s didn’t just pass him by – it seeped into his very soul, shaping the contours of his artistic endeavors.

A decade painted with the brushstrokes of global capitalism, the emergence of mass media, and stark contrasts in wealth formed a backdrop to Kaaml’s formative years. Yet, it wasn’t just the socio-economic shift of the ’80s that fueled his creativity, but also its distinctive melodic heartbeat, resonating with electronic pop and the rhythmic cadence of hip-hop.

Artists who breathed the air of this era imbibed its essence. The dramatic global events, from the poignant tragedy of the African Famine to the epoch-making fall of the Berlin Wall, marked the end of the Cold War era, forging an indelible impact on their psyche. This turbulent, transformative world bore witness to the rise of art movements like Neo Geo and The Pictures Generation. Meanwhile, in the European heartlands of Germany, France, and Italy, Neo-Expressionism surged in popularity, providing another layer to the rich artistic tapestry of the time.

With his roots anchored deeply in two distinct cultures and his spirit molded by an era of intense change, Kaaml doesn’t just create art; he weaves history, emotion, and cultural resonance into every piece. Dive into his works, and you might just hear the echoes of the ’80s, feel its pulse, and experience its profound influence.

Kaaml – Little Ones XIV
Kaaml – Little Ones XIV

Kaaml – Little Ones XIV







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