Ima Amu – Sollitude

Each piece by Ima Amu is a distinct journey into the heart of Africa, blending rich cultural narratives with vivid portrayals of contemporary life. Crafted with a bright palette and diverse techniques, his art is not just aesthetically pleasing, it is also a mirror reflecting socio-political realities. Imbued with symbolisms and subtle messages, his work is especially renowned for highlighting the plight and resilience of African women. By owning an Ima Amu piece, you’re not just adding to your art collection; you’re becoming part of a compelling dialogue on African life, history, and the enduring quest for equality.

  •  Ima Amu – Moods
  • mixed Media on Canvas
  • 60 × 80 cm
  • Artwork comes with Certificate of Authenticity

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Ima Amu, the African Artist straight from the heart of Ukehe, Nigeria, discovered as a child, amidst sand and paper sketches, a compulsion to paint that was as intense as the equatorial sun. Parental encouragement turned this impulse into destiny.

His artist’s pilgrimage led him to the University of Benin, where the dual allure of painting and art history captured him. His prowess echoed around the campus, marking him as a distinguished palette poet in the making.

As fate would have it, his brush with greatness began at the famed Didi Museum on Victoria Island, where he honed his skills as curator and manager. Here, he unlocked the museum’s doors, casting it as an inclusive haven for creative minds. His tenure from 1995-1999 saw the museum’s transformation into a pulsating core of creativity, bursting with local and international talents, all under the umbrella of Affordable Art.

Ima played a critical role in advancing art appreciation beyond mere decorative elements. He infused corporate Lagos with his artistic verve, bringing his paintings into offices and banking halls, championing the notion that art could be as soothing as a tropical breeze.

His own artwork is a vibrant tableau of African life, particularly the socio-economic burdens shouldered by women. His paintings, pulsating with life, serve as a vivid testament to the continent’s lived experiences. Ima’s ongoing mission is to address these societal imbalances and color the world with his vision of equality, one brushstroke at a time.

Ima Amu - Sollitude
Ima Amu - Sollitude
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