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Credit: Edson Chagas - Salvador D. Kimbangu



MoMAA was formed to promote the best of African Art to the rest of the world. MoMAA is the place to be to get to know about the African Contemporary Artists, their works and stories. 


A New platform for modern african art

With New Record prices being fetched at the International Art Auctions on African Art, MoMAA is very relevant. MoMAA makes use of current technology and social media platforms to present African Contemporary Art directly to Collectors world wide. The MoMAA Art Platform is designed to give users the best experience of African Contemporary Art. MoMAA Keeps it simple by showcasing a curated combination of the best Art available from the continent and diaspora, viewed together with Artists Bio and exhibition records. Additionally coming up soon, a trend chart to optimize best returns for collectors. 

Credit: Sarah Waiswa - Still a Stranger
Credit: Cyrus Kabiru


Discover the world of modern african art

Get Inspired! – MoMAA offers a selection of Art works with an emphasis on Emerging African Artists in a variety of styles and techniques.


High Quality Art

From A diverse continent and diaspora with a population of over One Billion people, there is quality to be found in all corners of the continent and MoMAA will find it for you!

Credit : Omar Victor Diop "Project Diaspora"


The African art story

MoMAA platform is designed to be the “go to site” for African contemporary Art, Artist Data & Research. To achieve this goal, we are combining technology and data to create a chronological database, with images, Artist bio, Prizes & Publications and also sharing stories of unknown and emerging names in Modern African Art.

Using all the available advanced social media tools and cutting edge technology at our disposal, MoMAA sets out to inspire, educate and give visibility to Modern & Contemporary Art from Africa and the Diaspora. 

MoMAA documents, organizes, and curates African art into a database that transforms the way users interact with, learn about and collect African art.


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% Women



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How The Story is told


Insights into the thought process of the African Modern Artist in conveying his inner stories through his works to the rest of the world.

MoMAA 100

A dynamic ranking database of the Top African Artists based on Sales, Social Foot Print, Awards and global influence.


A Journal of what is happening world wide in relation to Modern African Art in Exhibitions, Auctions and Awards on the Continent itself and in the diaspora.

Exhibition Calendar

An up to date calendar of Major Shows and Exhibitions which feature Modern African Artists we are following.

Business model



We integrate your brand with our broad marketing campaigns.

Drop shipping

We connect your Gallery Art Works to our Collector Database.

Curated Collection

We Offer Our own collection of Top Rated African Artists.

Target Streams (% of Customers)

Instagram 23%
FaceBook 30%
Email Campaigns 20%
Traditional Media 10%
Other Streams 17%

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Momaa Customers

African Art Collectors and Art Investors

Credit: FNB Joburg Art Fair


Targeting and Re-Targeting To Results

Using the best e-commerce marketing tools available on our online platforms, we search the globe for look alike audiences who match our target customers profile meaning that maximum results are achieved through our professional targeting techniques with little or no waste of valuable time or resources. The MoMAA database is designed to connect African Contemporary Artists, organizations, and collectors with the world. We leverage our database of niche collectors and the latest market trends to boost African contemporary art sales, promote the African artist and increase the interest of African art in the global market in general.


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