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Mohamed VI Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

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Mohamed VI Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

The Mohamed VI Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMVI) is a contemporary and modern art museum in Rabat, Morocco which opened in 2014. It is one of fourteen museums of the National Foundation of Museums of Morocco. The museum curates modern and contemporary Moroccan and international art. The MMVI is the first large scale museum built in Morocco since independence from France in 1956. It was the first Moroccan public museum to meet International Museography Standards.[citation needed] The museum houses the works of 200 Moroccan artists, including Hassan Hajjaj and Ahmed Yacoubi.

The Mohamed VI Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art was founded in 2014 by Mohammed VI, the King of Morocco, in Rabat. The museum was created to preserve and disseminate to the public the heritage of Moroccan art and encourage the creativity of Moroccan artists. It forms part of a wider Moroccan cultural infrastructure including the National Library of the Kingdom of Morocco and the Mohammed V National Theatre.
Rabat was chosen for the location of the museum because it is the capital of Morocco; it is a Unesco World Heritage Site (2012) and is a popular tourist destination. The inaugural exhibition was entitled "1914 – 2014: 100 Years of Creation"

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